One of the key things about the SFPark pilot is the regular adjustment of rates.  They just released their 4th Rate adjustment.  It's interesting that they are truly raising as well as lowering prices to adjust to demand.  They do this about every two months.

Looking through the archives of their "News" tabs I could see that since the last three rate adjustments have seen a pretty balanced raising and lowering.  See how they have evolved below.  The screen shot is one of many pricing zones.  They can be seen in their entirety at http://sfpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SFpark_rateadjustments_MeterAdj4_120207.pdf

Fourth Rate Adjustment (2/9/12):

• Decrease by 50¢ during 5% of metered hours
• Decrease by 25¢ during of 30% of metered hours
• Stay the same 39% of metered hours
• Increase by 25¢ during 26% of metered hours

Third rate adjustment (12/9/11), meter rates:
  • Decreased by 50¢ during 6% of metered hours
  • Decreased by 25¢ during of 29% of metered hours
  • Stayed the same 38% of metered hours
  • Increased by 25¢ during 27% of metered hours
Based on parking demand data, in this second rate adjustment (10/5/2011):

10 percent of rates decreased by $0.50
25 percent decreased by $0.25
33 percent stayed the same
32 percent increased by $0.25.

The first rate adjustment (7/11/11) saw the following price changes:
  • More than two-thirds of the new rates at SFpark meters were the same or lower than the old rates.
  • The new lowered rates were adjusted down by 25¢ or 50¢ to as low as $1.75/hour in some places.
  • The remaining one-third of the rates rose by 25¢ to $2.25, $3.25 or $3.75/hour depending on the current rate.



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